Monday, August 6, 2018

FAUCET and Project Nozzle


Vijay Sivaraman, Professor, UNSW and Craig Russell, Principal Research Engineer, Data61-CSIRO
Custom middle-boxes for security have traditionally been difficult to scale cost-effectively to high data rates. Project Nozzle aims to build a cyber-security solution using white-box SDN switches and commodity servers. In this talk we will discuss why the SDN paradigm is well-suited to cyber-security; outline our cyber-security architecture that is modular, flexible, and scalable; and demonstrate it operational in two enterprise networks to reveal security vulnerabilities.
Vijay Sivaraman is a Professor in Telecommunications at UNSW, and has worked prior in a silicon-valley start-up building switch-routers.
Craig Russell is a Principal Research Engineer at Data61-CSIRO, and has worked prior in designing and building carrier networks.
They jointly founded the ANZ-SDN Alliance in 2013 to foster the uptake of SDN technology in the region, and have developed multiple SDN solutions that are in operation or trials in live networks.

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