Tuesday, August 8, 2017

FAUCET 1.5.7 with policy based and inter VLAN routing

From Brad Cowie:


Hi again,

Happy to announce v1.5.7 has just been released on github, docker hub and pypi.org.


This is our first release to include stable Inter-VLAN Routing (IVR) and Policy Based Routing (PBR), most of which is alive on my network at WAND now.

Here's the release highlights for 1.5.7:

 * Fix nexthop resolution for IVR.
 * Explicitly log host/port/VLAN learning association.

Since things have been moving so quickly for us at faucet attempting to ship IVR and PBR there was also an intermediary release that wasn't announced.

Here are the release highlights for 1.5.6:

 * Fix logging of DPID of VID
 * Ryu upgrade to 4.16
 * Security fixes for crashes in Ryu parser (severely restricted byte range)
 * Add OF meter support
 * Multiple VLANs can have the same VID
 * VLAN and drop rule tags on InfluxDB flows

Brad Cowie