Monday, May 22, 2017

FAUCET @ WAND: inside a live enterprise FAUCET deployment

Our friends and colleagues at the WAND group, at the University of Waikato in NZ, have deployed an enterprise SDN network controlled by FAUCET, supporting two different vendor hardware switches and OVS with DPDK. It peers with BGP, and switches and routes both IPv4 and IPv6 for wired and WiFi access.

The system is managed with Ansible - configuration changes are checked (and checked in), and then pushed to NFV services and FAUCET controllers. Even upgrades of the controller software are automatically checked and pushed out.

This means all configuration changes to the network - ACLs, BGP, etc are made through Ansible. There is no reason to log in to a switch directly once FAUCET has assumed control of it with OpenFlow.

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