Friday, November 4, 2016

OpenFlow: not dead yet

I can’t tell you exactly where Guru and I were this week, but we were visiting one of our hyperscale member companies, talking about open source software. It was really exciting to see that some of the work we have been doing is actually being leveraged by “the big guys.” While we were talking about plugfests and programs and operations and development plans and communities and all the tools and structures to support dynamic open source projects, our host leaned over and looked at Guru and me as the conversation paused. Guru asked, “What can ONF do for your organization?”, and there was a thoughtful pause.

“Tell everyone . . . OpenFlow is not dead,” were his words, carefully delivered, as if he had been rehearsing them for some time. “Take due care of OpenFlow”, he seemed to say, as if there was some risk that in the hurtling rush to “The Next Big Thing”, we might accidentally divert our attention from some of the core plumbing in the SDN ecosystem.

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