Monday, July 18, 2016

Routing protocol offload with FAUCET (FAUCET does BGP)

As with protocols like 802.1x, it is possible to offload routing protocols with FAUCET.

FAUCET now speaks basic BGP (it can both advertise its own IPv4 and IPv6 routes, and it can learn BGP routes). This this is sufficient to communicate with a more sophisticated route processor, like Quagga or BIRD - the external processor does the filtering and processing of community strings, etc - and exports the resulting RIB to FAUCET, which simply uses it for a FIB.

This implies further that FAUCET can now effectively speak any routing protocol that the external routing processor can speak, because the external processor has only to translate to simple BGP. 

Since FAUCET can do IPv4 and IPv6 routing in the dataplane itself, including nexthop resolution, dynamic routing can be done by the controlled OpenFlow switch. 

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